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I remember 2016-17 in the recess time of my old school I watched that girls playing jumping rope,with cards,with fidget spinners,and the floor is lava.For that time they had inocence,they were cute and very friendly.
Today, is the other side of the coin,their inocence is already gone,they listen reggaeton,they know more about alcohol than me,they get drunked and the majority are not virgin and get laid much times but they only want chad above 8,they are now disgusting feminazis lgbt supporters and the worst thing is they use inclusive languague and they get offended if you say not to use that,I noticed this particularly online.

Fuck them.


Chads masturbate to my drawings and beg for more
There are pretty much no ’good/ pure’ girls left. I deduce, among the attractive girls, only 1/ 10,000 is good and has rejected chad’s advances. However soon she will become statistically negligible.

The crazy thing is chads only make up 10% of population, yet they rob the innocence of 95% of foids. If that isnt a demonstration of conceited greed, I don’t know what is. Feminists should stop blaming the incel walking down the street and instead look towards the chad perpetually rear ending them. Those are the men treating them like objects.


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They were whores in 2007 as well. When I went to school girls started dating chads at the age of 12-14 and drank alcohol at parties.