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Hi everyone, I wanted to open this thread out of sheer curiosity. How may of you think of themselves as "geeks" or "nerds"? I know for once that I consider myself (and I have been considered) a nerd, for my consumption choices and nerdish hobbies. I am a big comics buff, MTG and RPG player since many many years ago, but I always felt somehow on the margin of nerd culture because I was never so much into videogames, nor I was ever so much into all the otaku stuff that seem prevalent these days. I also have to say that I have been very lucky, inasmuch as where I grown up, all of thse activities were pretty common among every teen-ager, so I never experienced bullying for that (something I think, for people from the US, must be pretty different, or it is just a cliche from movies and tv series?). You could say that, at least in Europe and from my own experience, my generation (born at the start of the nineties) was the first to be able to openly enjoy all this stuff (we started playing DND at the beach during summer vacation and fter a while every kid oon the beach wanted to play, from 10 to 17 years old, as an example of this) without being ostracized. I am curious to know a little bit of your geek/nerd passions and hobbies, and maybe have cool advices for new comics or rpg to try out.


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DarthZaza said:
I was bullied high school life for my books,games.And I would recommend DC comics’s METAL event , it is fuсking awesome
Aw man, I am sorry to hear you were bullied by normies for books and games, I would never understand that fucking behavior. It is really a stroke of luck then, picture that in middle school all the boys were too busy trading magic cards and exchanging books from the dragonlance series. Thanks fo the reccomendation, will check it out, from the plot it seems incredbly cool! By chance do you like Mignola's Hellboy?


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lordoftheincels said:
Most incels are nerds. Never heard one that wasn't.
That's my perception as well, that's why I wanted to know a little bit more about your tastes in nerd culture! Like, fantasy, sci-fi or both? Comics, manga, cartoon, anime, this kind of stuff.


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I guess so. I like video games, comics and stuff like that since I was 4. Its mostly thanks to my parents, they're otakus. A lot of girl bullied me for liking this stuff but its whatever.


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I'm not sure what qualifies as a nerd but I take a liking in dressing fashionably with name brands. Then again, I enjoy playing video games and golf once in a great while.


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I like video games and the culture, and most if not all the girls I knew either hate nerds (because of the way our generation is now) or the ones that actually are were SJWs or bitches