So pretty much the main amount of exercise I do is cardio, I run all the time, one thing I've noticed is that it is almost like I'm being driven by pure blackpills at this point. Physically I am male but conceptually I am not, just kind of like a walking egoless void. However whenever I see a female runner (not out of hatred or anger) I'll go into fucking overdrive and do everything to overtake them. It's almost like at this point because I have surpassed my physical, psychological and emotional need for women it drives me to surpass them in other areas because it's what I just do as a male, continue to out do what I have already outdone. Further transcend what I have transcended.
Hell, I'll even listen to semi feminist grunge groups (some of the songs are actually quite aesthetic) but to me it's just something I sort of laugh at now. When I listen to it while running it's like a scalp or trophy of what I have conquered.
Self mastery is a hell of a drug.