Fuck my sister


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I ask her if she can watch her stupid show in her fuсking room as the noise is damned annoying she tells me no I respond with you're an annoying bitch.
c*nt makes me furious.
Bitch wouldn't even turn down the fuсking sound.
I lost my fuсking ѕhit at her and now she has stopped.
Cannot believe some people are that fuсking inconsiderate to others, she forces me to listen to her garbage.
I tried to be polite to her and she acts like a bitch anyways, jfl why do I even bother. I used words like can and please instead of simply saying
"Watch that in your room the noise is annoying and you are forcing me to hear it against my will"
Bitch is braindead she must know that I can fuсking hear it, she should 1 watch it in her room, 2 turn down the sound so it is not so fuсking annoying or 3 wear fuсking headphones.
But no I must be forced to hear that ѕhit.
This is why I got mad she made no attempt to do any of the 3.
Noise pollution is a violation of the NAP as it is not voluntary once someone makes a complaint you must do something to resolve it like turning down your sound or moving to another area or wearing headphones what you cannot do is say "no" and continue doing the exact same fuсking thing at this point I would use force or a threat to get them to stop.
Involuntary noise is literal torture.
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I cant say a word to mine since mawm would start screaming and cursing in worst possible because of my ,,yelling".:incel::confused: