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Honestly growing up as a young boy it was more comfortable hanging around the girls than it was the boys.

Having had majority girls as friends has granted insight into their nature and their difference as human beings of the opposite gender.

They aren't quite the same their mentality is relatively dangerous and I suppose in a lot of ways immature and child like.

However, they do like to be my friend. Although I'm thinking maybe I should get more male friends.

What do you guys think? Should and individual get majority guy friends?

And or is it wise to have female friends??


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I disagree and feel guy friends are better. I never really had much luck with women friendship wise as it is and at this point I am just used to it, and focus on my hobbies. You can say I'm MGTOW, essentially but I was having some red pill rage for a while. I think that has calmed down.

I feel dating is not at all worth anyone here's effort nowadays because people today are much too shallow in a lot of different ways, and there are too many women who are narcissists (you can say the same for men as well) because social media seems to increase narcissism by several orders of magnitude.

I actually do have a support group open on a subreddit called r/Lonely_men for anyone who wants to join, but I forgot to post the group last night as I have been having an issue with pests at my apartment and have had other stuff to take care of but I hope to get a session up tonight before starting my second job. Incels and other lonely men need a place to speak out and actually have a session to vent.


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Females are very judgmental compared to guys. Having had friends of both genders I way prefer males, and have had more male friends overall


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I never had female friends: femoids only wanted to have friendship with the handsome men/rich men. In other words, something like what happened to the cartoon white rabbit in this cartoon video is what happened to me:

And the few male "friends" that i had sooner or later betrayed me or forget about me.

I think that we are in times were friendship is overrated.
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What's with all these simps lately claiming that they're comfortable being a foid's emotional tampoon?

Serpents reign

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It is impossible for a women to be a man's friend. They just want to reproduce with chad, that is nature, that is all there is to it. Friends, love and relationships are all bullshit. Develop a great interest and healthy hobbies. Your future self will eventually thank you a lot.

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dude, don't put yourself into the friend zone on purpose. Now none of those girls are ever going to fuck you. If you can live with that, than fine