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Ascodel said:
If you find a girl who loves you, you will continue to be a incel?
Women cannot love a man that is physically unattractive. So, in order for me to be "loved". I'd need to be reborn as a very sexy man. After this, my looks would win over her "love". Her "love" is just admiration for how hot I'd be. Women love themselves because when they look in the mirror they see a girl who they want to fuck. They want to fuck themselves so bad that they want to use a good looking man to do it for them.


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I think this is the wrong question to ask as from what I've seen here most people's experiences make it impossible for them to even fathom real love.


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A philosopher once said that a man can only be loved at a distance. Women can love the idea of a man, but if he is ugly, cannot love him if he gets too close.


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In my case it would be a leftover hag settling for the remaining non-taken betabux at the point where literally anyone will do. I'd probably volcelmax instead of this humiliation, it's part of my coping that I'm not among the worst ones.


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Anyone who still gets present female attention isn’t an incel and anyone who has a girlfriend in the present isn’t an incel. Etc.