Foids tease sexually inactive men about their position and expect them to be ok with it.


Locally undesired.
Like the topic title says, foid tease sexually inactive men about their position (not even in a joking manner) in a ‘I’m sexually active and you’re not way’ while being the same types to claim men that get pissed off about their position are the bad ones.

What is this logic? I’m sure there are sexually inactive men that try to just deal with their position but foids still keep doing nothing but reminding them of what they can’t have while expecting dudes to not be pissed, I’m sure a lot of dudes in this situation try to just forget about all this shit just to keep getting reminded.


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Totally, I experience this a lot and it takes so much restraint not to yeet them to mars so they may understand how those like us live.
Liking women now is more of a curse.
they get off to torturing us with there constant showing off of there privileged sex and sex life that we can never have even they know our curse well and use
it against us.