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Hey guys,

i just joined because I am fed up.

The world is so unfair, I don't get to meet anyone and seeing couples being a lovely-dovey and shit makes me so mad because I crave for a good strong relationship. People say your time will come but I can't stand the wait, the craving burns inside and is driving me insane. They say love yourself before you love someone else but I feel like I can't untill I experience love.
I don't know where to look, tinder is for shallow, self abored fucks. I rarely get to go out with college and I rarely go to the club with my friends, we usually just go to a small bar for drinks. I want meet new people for both dates and friends but I don't know where to look? and I probabley get rejected anyway.



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Your time will not come

at least it never did for me. They tell you to change your attitude. They tell you love yourself first. They tell you that everything is in your mind and that you have some kind of mental problem. You will see guys telling you how to do it right and trying to sell you the secrets to success. They will try to sell you magic books and magic videos and how it worked for them. Let's be realistic. The truth is if you are fugly, short and weird in any way as dictated by society... your are
not meant to succeed. Be it nature, evolution, society, karma because of something you did in a past life or what your parents might have done or whatever. You will be thinking that soon you will find a gf or something. Most probably that will not happen. Are you a fat guy, a guy that drool and/or spits when you talk? You will never date.
But then again, as I remember eons ago. I did have a few chances. There was this girl talking aloud so I could hear. Seferina was her name. She was saying that guys were always going for what they couldn't get. She was saying that because of me trying to get to this other girl. Then there was an older Filipina lady, oh she was to old for me. There was also Esparanza, esparanza means hope in Spanish. She was my last hope and I turned her down. So I ask you guys. what would wrong with lowering our standards? Oh, I forgot to list that as something they would tell you. To lower your standards. What is wrong with that ugly, fat girl right there? eww, I know. I didn't want to lower my standards. I wanted it all and I wanted it then. I wanted the world because that's what they told me in school . They told me I could be anything. I could be anybody and everything and I believed it for a while. They tell us everything is possible... just buy my book, download my videos.

Anyways, I don't know. What is wrong with going for the ugliest girls? If I had a time machine. But how about doing it now? Is it too late? Do old ladies bring baggage and are not interested in dating? Don't I know how to go about it and I don't have experience?

I love music and I did, do go out a lot. I'm not weirdo down a basement playing video games all the time. I'm not shy or anything. Like I told this hooker a long time ago after she ask me about having a gf. I said, they say I'm shy. She said, you are not being shy with me right now. So I know what I'm talking about. If you are in your mid 20's or older and you haven't dated or anything. It is not going to happen. Years just keep going by. I don't know the answers. Lowering your standards sounds like a good answer. I don't know, I never tried it. I wish I had.






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In a different setting

we could be talking more about this subject. We could be talking for weeks or years. But maybe those who say that we are not very social are right. I'm not very social , but I can be. See, the original poster is talking on how things are unfair and he don't get no pussy. Well, he says he wants a good, strong relationship. But anyways, there is more to that. We are not, we don't know how to be social. There are no posts going and coming forward here. So I was thinking. When you marry or date and all the stuff. You have to get to know her whole family. Some peoples are more social than others, you know Italians, Hispanics. I'm not really into that. Asking for somebody's hand in marriage and stuff. Sometimes I'm glad to have been an incel my entire life. I was incel before it was cool. So what I'm saying is that all this fake social stuff is so fake and I just couldn't pretend to care. I mean people do have kids and that is a serious stuff and you are supposed to take care of them... and then some don't. I was a good parent by not becoming one. But if I had been one, I had been a good one. Then some other poster could start talking about the politics and what religious believes influence relationships and marriages and stuff. People get together within their own classes, and groups. Well, I don't like groups and classes. If I could I would marry a rich bitch... But what are the chances. So we could going back and forth about this whole thing. But we don't and since we don't...
here we are (I'm talking to myself, more craziness). But seriously, who is the crazier. The one that sees the whole mess and gets out of the way? Or the ones that participate, take part, accept and goes along with it? Don't blame me.



Go ahead and suffer because you want to get married and have a good strong relationship. Ever wonder why 50% of marriages end in divorce. You think Chad has it all good. Maybe for a while. The world is not fair to anyone, rightfully so.




I was Incel before it was cool


and getting married in a church
or some other temple. When I see that I wonder if all participants are believers. Or are they just doing it just to follow protocol?




and then some people have, is it civil weddings? Weird how they call it engagement. Isn't engagement like fighting or preparing to fight war? Civil? like civil war?
But if that's what you missing and that's what making you sad. I don't know. So maybe politics have to do with marriages because of taxes, and properties and stuff like that. I would have never wanted to get married. I would have wanted to live in sin as they say. Who cares what her family says or yours.
yeah politics.




So come on continue with this thread or start a new one. Let's join the anti social social club and communicate. I know there are some smart people here. That guy with the Edward Scissorhand avatar and I think it is the boss here the guy with a sad dog face. I'm dumb and I still post.