Final stage of blackpill?


Saint Picassocel
Oogabooga said:
Maskedman said:
Honkpilled, also cope (but a good one I guess)
Watch more of the video. He is not coping. Full nihilistic embrace of the truth.
Based and aware of low attention span boyos pilled

edit: I finished watching it. Seems he’s at the white pill, and advocating coping for men like us. Not bad 8/10, needs more loli
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rev van mev

Well, there is the green pill ig. You don't absolutely have to smoke weed to live the philosophy when you can just simply accept and adapt accordingly to just the greenpill philosophy itself. It has the same parameters as the blackpill where everything in reality is hopeless and doesn't matter......but somehow this is still all fine and good. Don't let life be a bad trip because of it, just learn to chill and relax and let it be a good trip. You got the rest of your life to just hang, man. :)