Fighting Games (Megathread)

Kevin Logan

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What is your favorite fighting game and what is your main? My favorite fighting game is Streets fighter alpha 3 and my main is Ryu, but I also like to play with Ken. I prefer the Alpha series because is the only streets fighter games that you can block when you are in the air. I also like the X-Men Vs Street Fighter and the Darkstalker series... my main in the Darkstalker is Lord raptor and in the X-Men Vs Street Fighter I like to use ken or ryu with wolverine.


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Ah the i miss those good times...those were the best times for videogames....those times BEFORE the jews, the feminazis, the lgbt and the social justice warriors ruined the videogames with their "political correct agenda". In other words: in the 90s we had videogames without anti-male agenda, videogames without white raсe replacement agenda, videogames without feminazi agenda, videogames without anti-heterosexual agenda, etc....

But, asnwering to your question, i still remember how epic were those 90s fighting videogames:



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I have two. For 3D-fightings it is Dead or Alive. For 2D-fightings it is Guilty Gear.

My main in DoA is Mari Rose because I enjoy fighting with holds mechanics the most (also I like edgy ѕhit and lolitas). Before her debut I played as Bayman and Lei Fang.

In Guilty Gear my favorite character is gay negro Venom. I really enjoy zoning (and, again, edgy stuff with teleports-behind-you-back-nothing-personal-kid). I also enjoy playing as Sol, May, Faust and Zappa.

However, I have no modern console with good Internet connection, so I am unable to enjoy those games online now.



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Bushido Blade, the best fighting game ever made.
Only one round per fight, and you fight to the death.
If you're skilled and your timing is right, you can kill an opponent with just one swipe of the sword.

Kevin Logan

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Also, since we are in this subject... did anyone here play in fightcade? In case someone don't know, fightcade is a arcade emulator that let you play it some arcades games, especially fighting games online.

Eames Fizgerald

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Be gentle on me, but I've always been into smash. I use to strictly play melee but now that all the tournaments are fucked I've transitioned to ultimate for about a year now.