femoid wont acknowledge me


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i keep messaging someone in my class and she wont give any attention

Mon 10/06/19 4:19 pm Me: hi
Wed 12/06/19 2:30 pm Her: Hello
Thu 13/06/19 12:22 pm Me: Appears you are shy? Lol :p
Thu 13/06/19 1:59 pm Her: why did you email me?
Thu 13/06/19 5:06 pm Me: getting to know people so I'm not that random lonely kid at the back of each class lol
Thu 13/06/19 5:33 pm Her: You could talk to people in class
Fri 14/06/19 7:57 pm Me: You make a good point but im the shy type so doing that is alot harder and besides that I only talk to Dylan or Blake depends on who's there. Oh yeah I also tried what you said yesterday and this morning "Morning" I said to you buy you walked off so that was a hard blow.

she hasnt answered since, how can i get her attention


NEVER SHOW WEAKNESS. Femoids smell it, especially thought text. My tip? try to keep everything as short as possible. Its not like they crave intelligence like men do. They want easy to consume convos, irl or thought text.