Femoid thinks she can act all nice because of shit she went through


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I fucking hate this bitch
She's this stupid little femoid who thinks is sooo special
Yeah she's nice to everyone
And even to me but its all fake isn't it?
Why would she be nice to me? My face is full of acne, weak Chin, big nose.
Why is she nice to me?
Is this some sort of cruel game?
I'll admit that she's fucking attractive and that's what pisses me off the most
She probably is only being nice to me because she enjoys playing with little sanity i have left
And if i ever tried to be all nice and "kind" as her I'd be called a creep ,, BUT because she's a very attractive girl suddenly shes "so sweet" and "cute"
And that annoys the shit out of me
And what angers me the most is that because im a pathetic loser starved of affection i literally started liking her, on a level i never liked anyone before
And i hate that so much
And i sometimes feel bad because she is just a fucking kid she's like 15 years fucking years old
While im not gonna say my age let's just say id be called a pedophile if i even said something that sounded a bit off
and ihate my shitty younger sister who's friends with her and offuckingcourse she's calling her to come over all the time (yes i still live with my parents like a fucking loser)
That's the only reason i even came to know her
I swear my shitty sister is a fucking whore she probably likes seeing me suffering
I overheard she had some family problems or something about her being in a abusive household
So fucking what
Sluts like her deserved to get abused who fucking cares
I once tried to talk to her and i mentioned her being excessively nice and the slut said something about "some times kindness is all we can give" and "i just don't want anyone to hurt"
I fucking gaged at that sentimental bullshit
The bitch should have cut deeper ifshe wanted to kill herself so badly
Fucking hate her
And her stupid fucking smile and her blue eyes and
her stupid self sacrificing ideology
And that she believes that she should be responsible for everyone and every burden
and i hate the way she smiles at me, when she asks "how are you today?"
and i hate myself most
Because of how much of afucking loser i must be to
To start loving this girl.
I don't even know what to think.
I'm sorry i needed to vent
This is probably a bunch of angry rambles
Sorry everyone


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All NPC are nice most of the time, I wouldn't take it that serious. I must confess I myself made the same mistake of thinking a girl being nice to me means something. It really doesn't.

I still easily develop sympathies for girls who seem nice to me, can't fix it, but it's easy to handle now that I know how it works thanks to the blackpill.

Realistically you could just give her the positive feedback she expects for being nice to you and enjoy the little time you can spend together talking. You will most likely never get her anyway, unless you become rich in 20 years and betabux her, used up and with Chad's kids. So why even bother. This gave me peace of mind at least, IMO a good cope. Not sure if it'll work for you though.


EteRnal Evil.
Ihateeveryone said:
Yeah that's right, i know
Was just frustrated and needed to vent
It's the forum's stated purpose to provide ground for that.
Thanks for the advice
Actually I just shared my experience of dealing with a similar situation, this is another reason for the forum to exist.