feminist dystopia


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The other day i was having a sex drive one time. And I realize how one time, in public, I saw these hot girls I really, really wanted to have sex with. But how we are in a society that says im not allowed to have a sex drive.

And its like, dystopia. And its like males have a masculine side and a feminine side. And its like the man in me wants to get laid and drive fast trucks but is kept in chains. And the woman in me hates the society because there is no compassion in this world. Therefore this is officially a dystopia.

Also, I kind of forgot the main point of the post. The original post was higher quality than this, but I forgot what it was.

Oh wait I remember now. I was gonna say how we are forced to be jesters. And how its like a stand up comic. And how its like, females are shorter than me, and dont even have to try and they get dates. Yet I have to be try-hard and be entertainer. And here is the nonsense of it: That most females (like 80-90%) have no talent. Yet my talent has to go above and beyond. Its like a stand up comic who gets tomatoes thrown at them, despite the audience having no talent at all and can do no better. Its like a pro NFL quarterback being whined at by fans despite fans being weaklings that have no talent at all. And I have to entertain weaklings and prove I have talent. It feels like Julius Caesar being a pathetic weakling, yet telling me I have to be a gladiator to entertain him. And it makes me feel horrible and I don't like it.