Females life is much easier compared to men


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No kidding man.

It would be so easy to be a woman. Women can be fat, ugly, gross smelling and still get tons of guys to fuck them or buy them shit.

I have to pay a hooker if I want a female to even look at me!

Being a female is easy mode


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Tbh "muh wymyn can have ugly faces too" isn't even an excuse, because, even if it was disqualifying cucks would still pay for body pics.

Also for men it's only 1 step: just be Chad.


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To add to the humor, I will add the steps for subChads

0. Be born with subpar genes.
1. Get circumcised at 0 years old, because American Medical Association is ran by jews, giving you subconscious PTSD.
2. Be raised in a dysfunctional toxic family.
3. Be physically beaten by your own parents as well as other children.
4. Be an empath, but see how everyone else is apathetic about things you care about.
5. Be raised in toxic Jewish/Catholic beliefs of the old-testament about fire and brimstone, giving you PTSD.
6. Be cucked by dogmatic doctrine about how its a sin to get laid.
7. Be born not a normie, but forced to conform to normie standards and styles.
8. Go through puberty, getting an uncontrollable sex-drive.
9. Told your sex-drive is inherently wrong by feminists.
10. Told you need a giant penis to get laid by non-feminists.
11. Get tired and worn out by school and constant workload from school, as well as bullying.
12. Fall in love with a girl and have fantasies about treating her right and being a provider, then get utterly rejected, and then lectured about unrequited love.
13. Rinse and repeat a few more times.
14. Go to college in a broken society, where you know you will probably never get hired, even with a degree, because the economy is broken and all markets are overcrowded anyway, and because you need social status and connections to get a job, even though you are autist and bad at socializing.
15. Get cucked at college and against the rules to flirt.
16. Eventually snap and cuss some asshole out at college, then get put in mental hospital and/or jail and told you are crazy for standing up to bullies.
17. College advertises themselves as SJW college who is against bullying, but is actually the opposite in reality and gives no punishment to bullies at all, and punishes victims instead.
18. Get out of college and drop out from society, read research about PUA and the world, as well as female opinions.
19. Female opinions say females are innocent, females can do no wrong, and that males are toxic narcissists. (Even though females exhibit all the traits of narcissists.)
20. PUA is redpill and says just be confident bro.
21. Factoring in all this information, you try and try again.
22. Get rejected 50 times.
23. Eventually you get a fake girlfriend who cheats on you with Chad and never sleeps with you, and always asks you for money.
24. Get tired of it and go MGTOW.
25. Watch as society calls you a bad person for being an entitled incel, and calls you racist for merely stating facts and data about race.
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