feel very rejected in life


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i am new as incel read most os the post i felt something common, i go to college, so i sit alone and eat my tiffin, but others are in a group also i dont want any girlfriends cause i will be better myself, i am used to be lonely and spend most of my time on reddit and telegram, but i when i go in class, the other classmates are so selfish, i just dont want to be with them they want something from me, i wish they all were not there in my life


EteRnal Evil.
Do you guys practice a religion in which it's taboo to post real life stories on incels.net in the Real life stories section?

Well, everyone is selfish and so should be you. Permitting everyone to exploit your resources for nothing in return will only lead to you to the beta bux life aka incel in denial. Perhaps, agepill hasn't hit you yet and realizing the core blackpill ideas will help you adjust and minimize the suffering in real life. The online purge from the bluepill we here go through is brutal, but then it feels good IRL to understand how all those NPCs function, so much less fear of uncertainty.

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