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Do you eat fast food a lot? or some days yes and others dont? or do you avoid it at all? it is said that food is the WORST for the hearth and causes obesity, and in later years of life it can be very bad for the heart and the entire body in general...even its said that the salads from fast food restaurants have more calories than the hamburguers and tacos themselves(sounds ironic, no?)....



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I used to eat it regularly bc it saved time, but now I rely on my pressure cooker to do the job.

It saves even more time, allows proper meals that are compatible with my doc's recommendations on diet and also happens to be way cheaper. On top of it, less contact with all those retarded obnoxious covid-transmitting STD-carrying normalfaggots. Also lost some weight, even though there wasn't too much to lose.

Highly advisable.


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Maybe once a week I have a pizza or a hot dog or something.
Same. Once in a while is fine but I prefer to cook for myself. Cheaper, I know what's in it, and I don't have to deal with other customers, shitty service, the guy taking the order not listening and getting it wrong etc. etc.


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I eat fast food a lot for one simple reason - I enjoy it. I generally don't have much enjoyment in my life, so I have no intention on limiting my serotonin secretion even more.
It doesn't even hurt my physical stature that much as I am 200cm tall and have 108kg. It's a bit out of proportion, but barely visible on such a height. I actually believe it is more of a result of my physical inactivity. I am planning on starting some workout after December, so I'll see if I can get it under 100kg without resorting to some diet.
As for the possible health complications that might come in later stages of my life....well, considering all circumstances I am quite sure something else will stop me from reaching 60y. Like the fact I smoke pack a day (often even more) since I was 15. Or the fact I am under chronic stress since the beginning of my teen years.


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I dont go to fast food restaurants because women work there. I boycott all establishments that hire women, whenever its possible.


Just i went back to burguer king because "the day of the dead"(november 2 in Mexico). I tasted some delicious "pan de muertos" in a local shop that i went, but i also visited burguer king and the hamburguer with guacamole and jalapeños tasted great...better than the cheese burguer with pickles.