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Conjured up a list of answers to the questions from lurkers I have come across as of now. Maybe will add more in the future. Once it's complete enough, I will view threads with dumb questions as spam and their creators will have to face the consequences of not being able to read. Many basic terms aren't explained because FAQ and glossary are different things.

Q: What is incel?
A: Incel stands for involuntarily celibate and means an adult who can't establish romantic relationship with a woman because of naturally determined factors out of their control.

Q: Can women be incels?
A: No.

Q: Can gays or lesbians be incels?
A: No.

Q: Why do you guys hate women?
A: We don't. Some incels do, but it's a part of their personal identity, not the identity of our community.

Q: Why do you guys support violence and terrorism?
A: We do not. Edgy jokes some people make help them cope and are tolerated even though not condoned.

Q: What is cope?
A: Cope is something an incel does or uses to distract himself from the sorrow caused by inceldom.

Q: What is inceldom?
A: The state of being incel. From grammatic point of view "incel" can denote the phrase "involuntarily celibate" or the noun used to describe a person who is involuntarily celibate.

Q: Why are you guys incels?
A: Because of poor genetic recombination and feminist yoke. Some incels also struggle with mental illnesses, disabilities and other health conditions.

Q: Why don't you guys just take a shower, get a haircut and buy some fashionable clothes?
A: Because we have already tried doing this and it didn't help.

Q: Why don't you guys learn game, be confident and treat women like pieces of meat?
A: Because it doesn't work too and it is beneath the dignity of the supreme gentlemen we are.

Q: What is the blackpill?
A: One of the three widespread "pills" or ways to interpret how sexual selection works Those are the bluepill, the redpill and the blackpill.

The bluepill is a set of beliefs that all people are different, couple matching on based on personal compatibility and genetic flaws are redeemable if you are kind and respect women.

The redpill is a theory which suggests that people universally follow naturally predetermined laws, all women go for the most alpha (aggressive, dominant, physically strong, influential, wealthy, powerful etc.) man therefore one can compensate for poor genes by becoming a confident assertive alpha male.

The blackpill, compared to the redpill, neglects acquired status and states that females are entitled to sexual partners with exaggerated hypermasculine traits which, albeit constituting a man's outer appearance, are determined almost exclusively by the genotype. A man that possesses these traits is called a "Chad".

Q: Why is Chad supposed to be better genetic material? What about feminine k-pop boys?
A: There's little evidence for Chad traits' (huge height, chiseled features, wide frame, "warrior skull") better adaptivity, but the list of traits was acquired empirically and has consistently shown to be preferable in females. A detailed list of Chad traits can be found on lookism-related forums. If you find one and look through it, you'll find many traits "k-pop" guys meet, especially in comparison with average men of their raсe.

Q: What is 80/20 rule?
A. Pareto principle applied to dating, a hypothesis that 80% of the most attractive women go for 20% of the genetically superior men.

Q: Why do you guys focus so much on sex and women? It's not big deal.
A: Cope. If you are denied romance, you are inferior and socially stigmatized. It's more than "getting dick wet", having a romantic partner is essential for a man to be accepted in their local community.

Q: Why do you guys don't just pay a hooker or get a doll?
A: See previous question. Prostitutes and dolls are glorified masturbation in context of the incel issue and can't solve the problem.

Q: Why don't you guys just lower your standards?
A: Because lowering standards already hasn't brought us any positive results. Those who refuse to lower their standards below Stacies usually end up banned for LARP. Refusing to settle for something below one's looksmatch is acceptable.

Q: What is LARP?
A: Live action role play. In other words, pretending to be something you are not.

Q: What is looksmatch?
A: In the blackpill community many people believe that it's possible to rate physical appearance (usually from 1 to 10). Looksmatch is someone whose rating as the same as yours.

Q: Why don't you transition to a woman?
A: Some do and end up killing themselves, because this is degeneracy and self-mutilation with little to no positive impact. Bringing this topic up will be equated with promoting suіcіde (see discord trannies case).

Q: What are Chads, Beckies and Stacies?
A: Chad is genetically superior male who all women want. Stacy is an extremely beautiful woman. Becky is a less attractive woman.

Q: What is a soyboy?
A: Forced meme.

Q: Do you guys project your own cuckold fetish on me, my wife and her boyfriend?
A: No, it's forced meme.

Q: Wasn't the incel movement founded by a woman?
A: Incel movement doesn't exist and Alana only made up the acronym "incel". The original term "involuntary celibate" was coined by French historian Antoine Banier in 1739 in "The mythology and fables of the ancients explained from history".

He uses it do describe a situation of involuntary celibacy in women, who can't get married because no man wants them without a dowry. Clearly, an unrealistic situation these days in most countries. The premises behind Banier's definition are not applicable now and have no links to the modern incel.

"Incel" in Alana Project conceptualization was based on blue pill premises and suggested that women could also be incel.

Both historic meanings of the word "incel" have no links whatsoever to the modern incelosphere and the incel discourse. In effect they just happen to be the same arrangement of letters. The key differences in meanings can be inferred from other parts of the FAQ.

Q: Do I qualify as an incel?
A: You are free to identify as an incel but be prepared for a ban in case you are LARPing and this is revealed.

Q: What is ascension?
A: The state of leaving inceldom alive.

Q: Will an incel get banned if he ascends?
A: People usually leave once they ascend or keep it in secret. This forum's rules don't prohibit sharing ascension experiences as long as excessive bragging and bluepill propaganda are avoided.

Q: Why do you guys encourage each other to commit suіcіde?
A: We don't. Suicidal incels join the community already dragged in this sorry state. Some never recover, while others find new friends and new copes.

Q: Are you guys white supremacists?
A: No and in fact many incels aren't even white, we come from all parts of the world.

Q: Are you guys alt-right?
A: No. Media calls alt-right everyone they want to demonize.

Q: Why don't you just leave your mom's basement and talk to real women?
A: Many incels are independent, decently socialized and financially stable, but it doesn't help. It's false that all incels are shut-in NEETs.

Q: How will you explain that I'm 4'7, bald, fat, poor, disabled, with negative canthal tilt and low IQ but have a loving wife?
A: You aren't providing enough information to judge about your situation and possibly don't know it all yourself. Anyway, theories that concern humans and society can never boast of mathematical rigour and precision, thus a couple of counterexamples doesn't disprove the theory.

Q: Why do you guys never provide any proof of your views?
A: We do, you just never pay attention to studies, Tinder experiments and anecdotes preferring to deny their legitimacy.

Q: What is LDAR?
A: Lay Down and Rot. Basically giving up on trying to significantly improve one's quality of life.

Q:Why do you guys contradict yourselves?
A: Because blackpilled incels do not have a hivemind and, despite sharing similar general worldview, may have opposite opinions on different topics. One person's attitude might change too or they might fail to express it in a clear way.

Q: I saw a photo of an incel and he wasn't ugly. Does it mean that all incels are alone because of their personalities and the blackpill isn't real?
A: No. Really ugly incels aren't likely to post pictures of themselves online and a handsome guy whose photos are revealed usually ends up chased away from the community. "Average" guys are recognized as incel material and analysis their situations, if it even takes place, tends to be more thorough than that of apparent gl LARPers.

Q: I'm not an incel and not blackpilled, but I've heard you guys here condone violence, encourage rape/pedophilia and hate women. Can I please join and post here too?
A: You can post in the Off-topic section.
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