Facebook is a low IQ hivemind


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I've been watching documentaries on social media and how it affects and changes people's thinking and behaviour. I honestly can't think of a better (or worse) example than FB.

I went off the thing 8 months ago, but I was feeling extra blackpilled recently so checked in just to see how bad the dumpster fire has gotten. My god what a waste of electricity and braincells.

I have just over a dozen IRL friends, all of them seemingly smart independent thinkers. Yet with a couple of exceptions, all of them are on FB daily, trying their damndest to let everyone on their friends list know they're not a threat to the status quo. Just marching along with the herd. Even when they confide in me offline that they actually think X, Y or Z is total bullshit.

Married guys sharing pro-feminiѕt causes to keep wifey and her coven of prosecco swilling Karens happy so they won't bankrupt him with divorce one day. Newsflash dude, if she's that kind of person it's a matter of when not if.

Otherwise apolitical or centre right guys posting black squares, HuffPo articles and mask selfies so that Becky-senpai with the Harry Potter tattoo might one day notice them. Is there anything more stomach churning?

Sad fucks posting "inspirational" quotes but always from the same safe, collective-approved public figures. Until one day said person says something "problematic" in the press and suddenly "well I never liked so-and-so I always knew they were toxic".

And god fuсking help you if you even begin to question a flawed narrative. A simple statement like "that's a bold claim, do you have any evidence to support that?" will get you socially lynched. The game is rigged so don't play it. This is not a platform for the exchange of ideas, it's a thought policing circle-jerk.

Popular consensus is "Facebook has ruined the minds of a generation" or something along those lines. Bullshit. Most people are simply weak of mind and weak of character.