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I tried to give women a chance but after 30 years I'm still waiting for them to become the kind, compassionate people they claim to be.

Until they change their ways and actually become better people, (instead of just telling us and using words, claiming, with words, to be better people), I have no choice but to use the F-word. I don't like to use this word, but they have given me no choice at this point.

The f-word is this, directly taken from Incel Inside Wiki:
Foids or Femoids, short for female humanoid organisms, are flakey creatures who have bullied or ignored you your entire life. That is unless they were somehow making money (or trying to make money) off you as a teacher or counselor or hairdresser or wife etc... It is rumored they are capable of close, stable friendships, but most women also dispute this. One popular femoid hobby is feminism, the process by which they lie to men that their ever increasing sexual freedom will trickle down below sub 8 PSL rated males. Another popular femoid hobby is encouraging vicious male competition and toxic masculinity in general through their sexual selection process.

Women tend to react as negatively to women as men do to women in dating. This is seen with lesbians on social anxiety boards (and .is, see Chewabacca) and FTM transsexuals that try to date women. Dykes find out how hard it is to get past a woman's hind-brained paranoia about strangers and new people, and end up bitterly single.

Also, for the trolls that keep coming on here pretending to be ignorant on our views of women, these are the current views. Change my mind.

Spoiler alert: I've met one or two married women who seemed nice, never got laid with them or course but I guess NAWALT.


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Shaming things that males can't change is a popular hobby of theirs.

They are very good at lying very often and not feeling bad about it. This makes them very good at child-rearing and being a lawyer but a bit more than misleading during dating or while giving dating advice. The easiest and most heroic act of compassion and generosity for women would be to put effort into relationships with incels. However it is unknown whether or not incel groupies actually exist or can exist due to a lack of natural sexual generosity among the female species. F-words are also very good at extracting personal wealth from men when given the freedom to. F-words now own more total personal wealth than men in the United States.


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Spoiler alert: I've met one or two married women who seemed nice, never got laid with them or course but I guess NAWALT. In b4 marxists call me a sexist. I am not a sexist because I hate men too but for different reasons. Therefore my hate is equally fair and marxists can't guilt or manipulate me.


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I like that "foid" is a short word, easy to type, but to new folks may be unclear what it means.

"Femoid" is more clear, but has the same length as "female" and, unlike "female", can't really be used in public. A little more dangerous word, one slip of the tongue IRL and "found the incel".

Also to me emphasizing that females aren't completely the same as humans is superfluous. That's why I personally stick to "female" instead of "femoid". As for the "woman", well, it includes the "man" part while stronk and independent womyn don't need no man.
Btw AWALT; NAWALTs are the most AWALT and in addition insane from too much heavy LARPing.


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There are good women, doesn't mean there's hope for incels as if a woman has a good personality she will immediately be snatched up by several competing men.