Explaining Female Entitlement


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We've heard about male entitlement from feminists for ages, they believe it is mostly if not entirely conditioned by society.
Men are conditioned to expect sex or attention in return for providing resources, they say.
We call that the blue pill (which actually worked pre sexual liberation), but what do we call female entitlement?

I've heard people say it's female nature to be hypergamous, but they don't explain why it is that way.
I've come to the conclusion that hypergamy and entitlement comes down to a deep kind of selfishness and greed, because if the female cared about her high tier mate also having a happy life and a high tier mate of his own, she wouldn't chase high tier men knowing she's mid tier at best.

This leads me to believe that this part of female nature came to be purely for the quality and safety of her offspring, not for her happiness or his.
Women are willing to deprive men of their female equal if they get access to his genetics and resources.

So, women disregard their own attractiveness and status when considering a mate due to this selfishness for her offspring, which comes across as entitlement. She behaves as little more than a vessel for the next generation, as far as her preferences and behavior are concerned.
Women can also looksmax way more easily and effectively than men leading to inflated SMV.

This combined with social acceptance of hypergamy and positive reinforcement from lower tier men post sexual liberation adds fuel to the fire of hypergamy. Bring in online dating and social media, and you can see why it's over.
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Women want to get the most benefits without putting in the least effort possible. This society has completely liberated women to the point that they don't have to be held accountable for anything they do. Of course, they'll take advantage of that. It is cucked men who have allowed this to happen.

Women are solipisistic. It's impossible for them to do anything that benefits the group and not themselves. In a woman's mind, her needs and what she wants always come first. They don't give a shit about their country, their men and society in general.