even if you ascend you will get cucked by chads (there is no question about it)


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"This is so fucked up. I'm really sorry if I sound mysogynistic, but why the fuck are there so many women who are cheating? Why are there so many guys who are willing to forgive them? I've been caught 4 times, all 4 forgave their SOs. How are they so fucking spineless? "



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Aaaaaand I am hard now.

The chad did literally nothing wrong. He doesn't need help. He needs the blog. It all comes to cucked beyond regogition society and foids that can't overome their nature of chad's cock sleeve.

Why obligatory parental test is not the new amendment to constitutions around the world is beyond me.


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That's fucked. I hold men to a higher standard because we are actually adults, it's not right to do this to dudes and we need shariah law to stop this from happening.
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