Even a 4/10 foid does not want to date me.


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I’m sure that’s not true. I have a bag that I carry around all the time (weird I lnow), but only because I have important items. Nowadays, there are some sketchy ass people on Tinder, men and women alike. Perhaps the reason she took it is because she didn’t feel comfortable trusting her personal things around you? You never know. Don’t immediately jump to negative conclusions, you’ll only discourage yourself more. I try to see both positives and negatives in a situation, which is hard due to my paranoia and social anxiety. I’m so scared that people are just pulling my heart and faking the relationships that we have. I always think that people are talking about me behind my back. But I push those thoughts aside and try to comfort myself. Because, I know that those negatives will only bring me down and will make it harder to let the genuine people in.
Nostalgicel said:
Of course he is not the problem. But he will face this situation again and again because women are very superficial.
I agree. Unfortunately you have to kiss an awful lot of frogs etc. Same applies to gay dating. No difference. Hope you enjoyed the film, even if you didn't feel like going to bars after, and slunk back home. Either way, good luck in future!


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I dont think that you were the issue here. Maybe she was just trying to see if she had a chance with anyone and you were like the "dating fairy"/"test dummy" if so that can't be blamed on you and only her. Really anyway you look at it it isnt your fault because it was suggested by her and she bailed.
It might have been an actual emergency and maybe she felt like you would hate her for life because she left before the date. I know people insecure like that. If so it might be better that she stopped talking to you because just like most insecure people in general females who are insecure are insane.


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Look, I don’t know how to say this and make it clear to you, but it has nothing to do with how attractive you are. You probably said something that made her nervous. (Btw women take their bags everywhere because they’re afraid it will get stolen. Not by you per se, but by anyone. Also tampons and keys and chapstick. They all go in the bag it’s just instinct) it’s pretty unlikely there was an emergency, but If she didn’t want to be there forget her. It will happen eventually. Go somewhere where women might have similar interests. Don’t say anything about how women don’t like you! Ask her about her interests. Keep the conversation around shared interest and nothing else I swear to God the fastest way to make a woman not interested is to talk negatively about yourself, or conversely if you think you’re the absolute ѕhit. Ask her about her feelings. Tell her that she’s smart. Don’t tell her that she’s pretty just say stuff about her personality. Promise you will get laid eventually by doing that. If a girl isn’t interested move on to the next. The fastest way to get a girl to sleep with you is keep your mouth shut unless your asking about her hobbies and complimenting her personality. Then you can start talking about your interests once she’s obviously interested.


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Can confirm 100% from what women tell me, it's a tactic that they either pre arrange a phone call or text message form a friend to give a pretext to leave, or send a message that they need that call or message mid date. Lots of girls do it. It's easier than having to confront a guy who might be angry or upset. Same reason a girl will ghost you, even I've ghosted people. It's just more socially convenient for me not to have to dela with the other person's feelings.
She's just playing her best hand based on what she wants.
Good news though. Who cares. It's just a person you'll never have to give a toss about again


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I don't think it was you're fault. You know even girls who may not be that beautiful they have friends so maybe something happened and it's too private to tell you when you meet someone for the first time it's not like you're gonna just tell them something if it's really private so just be patient


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SonOfAgony said:
To all of you who beleive she didn't do it on purporse, then why did she take entire bag with her at the first place? Bullshit blue pilled people.
Idk man it was their 1st date... they met on tinder. Maybe she didnt want to leave her purse with a stranger ‍♂