Estrogen makes femoids manipulative


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Estrogen is the hormone attributed to why women are so emotional, so it really is not far fetched, in my opinion, to suggest that estrogen is also what contributes to femoids being able to emotionally manipulate others so easily. Even ugly femoids are able to acquire sex from, maybe not Chads, but at least normies or Chad-lites, whereas ugly men like myself get nothing. What are everyone’s thoughts on my theory?


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Dunno. I saw a porn that said estrogen made women more horny and full of lust. Science says testosterone and estrogen make people horny and lust. But since testosterone is a male hormone, my fear is that boosting female T will make women more like men, and thus less attracted to penis. But who knows. Maybe estrogen makes them less attracted to dick. Idk.

Estrogen makes them more sensitive. Sensitive people are more prone to rage and hit block button. If anything, estrogen makes them bad at manipulating people. Word policing, monitoring microaggressions, emotions>truth and logic, angry mobs, etc. is due to estrogen. There is some good to estrogen, such as more empathy and compassion, sadly the empathy and compassion never seems given to subchad males. Also better aesthetics. Artists have to be androgynous because with T they have no drive, but without E they can't get a feel of the aesthetics.