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This is what "equality" looks like in 2019:

This is a repost of damzy. Damzy made this and I think it deserves to be stickied. It brought tears to my eyes reading this:
Men are 97% of combat fatalities.

Men pay 97% of Alimony

Men make 94% of work suіcіdes.

Men make up 93% of work fatalities.

Men make up 81% of all war deaths.

Men lose custody in 84% of divorces.

80% of all suіcіdes are men.

77% of homicide victims are men.

89% of men will be the victim of at least one violent crime.

Men are over twice as victimised by strangers as women.

Men are 165% more likely to be convicted than women.

Men get 63% longer sentences than women for the same crime.

Court bias against men is at least 6 times bigger than racial bias.

Males are discriminated against in school and University.

Boys face vastly more corporal punishment than girls.

60-80% of the homeless are men.

Women's Cancers receive 15 times more funding than men's

At least 10% of fathers are victims of paternity fraud.

Government Sponsored Sexism

1) Real sexism is almost no shelters for male victims of domestic violence.

2) Real sexism is men getting harsher punishments for the same crime.

3) Real sexism is countries with compulsorily military service for men.

4) Real sexism, courts that takes children from fathers based on gender.

5) Men cannot even vote or get citizenship without enrolling for the draft.

6) Real sexism is numerous government departments dealing with women's issues but none dealing with men's issues.

7) Male infant circumcision/genital mutilation is legal and performed widely and even completely socially accepted but female genital mutilation is not.

8) A young boy raped by a woman can be forced to pay child support to his rаpist if she gets pregnant, that's real sexism.

9) Many countries do not even recognize female on male rape. It can maximally only amount to “sexual assault” that's real sexism.

10) Real sexism is having no special laws like VAWA to protect men, even though men are the majority of victims of violent crime.

11) There are drives to fill quotas for women for the high paid roles but not in the dangerous jobs dominated by men, thats real sexism.

12) In the army, police, fire service or any other position women have to meet much lower physical standards than men.

13) Real sexism is services for men only given a fraction of the funds that services for women are given at a government and a social level.

14) For the same crime, irrespective of the gender of the offender, the perpetrator gets more punishment if the victim is female rather than male.

15) Most divorce laws are skewed against men, men can lose half his properly, money and children to a woman who decides to leave him.

He is expected to pay for this betrayal, especially if he has already provided for and supported her, this is real sexism.

Social sexism against men

16) Real sexism is being mocked when raped because you're a man.

17) Men are expected to not show emotion and remain stoic at all times.

18) Victim blaming is acceptable ONLY when men are the victims and women the perpetrator. This is real sexism.

19) Real sexism is having your gender stereotyped by society as being violent, abusers, etc.

20) Men’s lives are given less value in any emergency situation.

21) Male children are often given harsher punishments by teachers for the same level of mischief as girls.

22) Young boys are given less care and attention by parents than girls and beaten over twice as often as girls by parents.

23) Violence against men by women is much more socially acceptable.

24) Affirmative action for women only in jobs, education, grants, etc.

25) Men enrolled in are often given tougher, more dangerous tasks to perform than women in the same post (in a job) This is real sexism.

27) Males who complain about being objectified are shamed as being “mentally fragile” or their sexuality is questioned. This is real sexism.

28) Men do not have the privilege of showing affection to each other in public as women without people questioning their sexuality.

29) Men are expected to ask women out, pay for dates, decide on the venue – if she rejects him he is often labelled creepy or needy.

30) If a man slaps a woman, he is an abuser and a monster, If a woman slaps a man, “he must have done something to annoy her”

31) When a man breaks up with a woman, he is called a “jerk”. When a woman dumps a man, “he must have failed her somehow”

32) Men are excluded from many positions such as babysitters, etc.

33) Young men having to pay higher car insurance is acceptable but the idea of women having to pay more for health insurance is not.

34) Despite the fact that the real victims of sexual discrimination are men the term sexual discrimination usually excludes men and the vast majority of surveys and news stories about sexual discrimination dont include men.

35) Our culture and media makes the assumption of men as guilty, violent offenders where as women are given special treatment at every turn.

36) In modern movies and TV violence against men is glorified but violence against women is regarded as especially horrific.

37) Many news reports will read the number of people killed and then highlight women and children as more tragic than male death Example "37 people were killed in a bus crash including 17 women"

38) Men are expected to carry heavy things for women, give up their seats for women, shovel snow, mow gardens and do any other job involving manual labour, that women do not wish to perform.

39) Real sexism is a society where men are taught that a man's role is to work, provide, pay and die in order to ensure a woman's happiness.

40) Real sexism is the fact that men working longer hours in harder more dangerous jobs to earn more money to pay for women's choices is being turned into a weapon against men.

Removed the ER bit because we don't condone of murder here. This is more like a 60's adam west show not heath ledger. Death is the absence of pain and real justice would be injecting women with xenotestosterone until they become ugly, smell, unlovable men just like everyone else.

But being the angel that I am I would never do that, it's counter to my self-interest anyway.


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Always puzzles me how they claim we are living in a post-modern first-world, a so-called first-world of equality and no more shaming.

Yet if someone dares to call themselves an advocate of male rights, they immediately get shat on by all these modern, so-called compassionate, so-called empaths, so-called enlightened types. It's gotten so bad you are not even to speak about wanting rights at all, its like north korea. Be prepared for the shitstorm of hateful rage and false accusations if you so much as dare talk about wanting to be treated as a human being.


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Well, some of those, say the corporal punishment thing, war death, work fatalities, 5),17), are legacy of patriarchy tbh, feminists let these things remain because they were about protecting muh m'lady from dangers.

I've seen some feminists pissed off by those though, since these things are also about us being manly men to simulate Chad for equally distributed females, once known as wives.
Daily reminder that the actual goal of feminism is to guarantee all females the right to only spend their physiologically valuable years with Chad and later have sub-Chad provide for their worn-out organisms and Chad's bastards.


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Some scientific bigwig guy just got fired for claiming men are better at physics than women. He was merely just stating a fact that is correct.

Would a woman get fired for saying women are better at kindergarden daycare centres than men? Nope.

We’ve known for a while that feminists are allergic to facts. Logic and reality are their worst enemies. Everything must be seconded to feeeeelings. If a fact is something they’d rather not hear, then it’s false, even if it’s correct. Capiche?

They’re such idiots. If a giant meteor heads towards Earth, ready to wipe out anything in its path, let’s just call it sexist, because it’s presenting a reality that’s too unpleasant to listen to.


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The science community is super-cucked. Cucks have to live in a hypocrasy because their own facts have to contradict each other. Eventually cucks resort to bigotry and lies.

For instance, cucks will talk about all the gays killed in Russia. Cucks will not admit the facts, that the gays killed in Russia lived in Muslim controlled cities. So cucks end up being bigots of Russians and hating Russians. When the real people responsible were muslims.

The same is with the cucks and males. Cucks end up being bigots of males in the name of "equality".

That physicist made a generalization. In general, males are better at physics, but there are a few women here and there who can go toe to toe. He should have never got fired. But this is a post-fact society where you can't state obvious facts, such as generalizations. Let's say you watch documentaries all day and all you see is white or asian scientists. If you simply state what you see with your own eyes, such all you see is white or asian scientists, you get called a bigot. When you are actually the opposite of a bigot, since you are simply speaking the truth unbiasedly from your own eyes. They will call you a bigot and say, look, Neil DeGrasse Tyson is black. You are not allowed to make generalizations, everyone resorts to individuals as proof. Like "I saw a female scientist one time therefore females are equal at science". Etcetera. Its a cesspool of oversensitive people who get offended at everything. And for all they know the scientist was a mtf transsexual. Which is third-gender. Bigots won't admit it because they believe only two genders. Transsexuals won't admit it because they want to be viewed as exactly the same as women. Noone allowed to speak the truth that they are half man half woman, mentally speaking, a mix of either best of both worlds or worst of both worlds. Truth not allowed on both sides, both sides.

It was the same with Jesus. Not saying I agree with Jesus because he believed in being a pacifist asexual cuck. But Jesus brought a lot of truth to the table. And the powers that be didn't want to hear it. Truth not allowed. Even in the 1600's they'd call all the people who escaped blue pill, heretics.

Bluepill doesn't just extend to dating and sex. Bluepill is an all encompassing mindset of comfortable lies. People with eyes closed not wanting to see the real reality.

Blue pill is an emasculation. It makes you sick inside. Like duct tape over your mouth not allowed to speak your mind! When truth will set you free!!! But afraid to speak the truth because the masses will bully you and hate you for it! Just like they did to Jesus!


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That list destroys any stupid ass argument any feminist brings forth. Bring up any of those 100% true points and they just ignore and change the topic. Scum.


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The west is retarded af, men are seen as worthless, women are worshiped, yet women are the oppressed ones? How did it end up so wrong?