End of my rope and no hope

Ice Cold Killa

Incels.Net Junior
Going through a lot of ѕhit. Trying to be better and improve my life. But I keep on failing. But I never gave up and haven't given up. But at some point you just go, "fuck it." About to get laid off from work cuz of the fuсking virus, no girl, in deep credit debt cuz of my dumbass stupidity, got to repeat a semester in College... fuck man, I never considered off-ing myself, but at this point, death is a fuckin' glorious solution to all this ѕhit. I don't know what the fuck to do. Pointing no fingers. No one's fault but mine. I accept that ѕhit. I'm just a fuck up. Pissed off as a motherfucker man. Ain't the world's fault, but ѕhit, still got that 2Pac Fuck the World mentality. And not about to do 25 to life for taking a fuсking life, the life of these mothafuckers that be looking down on me in the street and ѕhit, so might as well take mine. Really don't know what the fuck to do.