Emasculation Nation


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Say I ain't tryin' to mass murder. Say I ain't even tryin' to murder. Say all I'm trying to do is get a little self-respect by tasing a c*nt on the kneecaps. Not even allowed to tase in this day and age. All it is the fake news gonna make a drama and call me a monster and ѕhit and "horrible person" for tasing a bitch in the kneecaps and try to give me 5 years.

How pathetic and emasculated can this country of pussies get. Whatever happened to giving wedgies and punching people in the nose for talkin' ѕhit. I see on the news the most pathetic thing. Them warning citizens about the dangers of scooters. Saying scooters go 15 mph. That's the running speed you idiot. And there stats were 200 people got injured and not 1 died the whole year. Not 1 died. 200 injured. That's heaven for a company...car companies would say that a fuсking' miracle. But no...we have to be fags and whine because suzie got a boo-boo. Pathetic people and pathetic world.

So let's say this. Lets say a c*nt cuddled me and told me she loved me. And I did her no harm. Then the next day she goes to work. Never comes back. Never gives a reason. I call her the next day. No response. Call her a few days later. Nothing. A week later. Nothing. Then more days after that...nothing. Just ghosted. Can't even communicate to me like a decent human being. Can't even give a fuсking reason. Zero closure or even treating me like a human being. They are a cold and heartless narcissist c*nt who deserve to be beaten. Deserves to be tased in the knee. But no, these America fags say I'm the monster for doing what ought to be done. All cucks do is side with the evil abominations and call good people the monsters.

Its the same as Feminism. Feminism sides with muslims and ghetto people. When muslims and ghetto people are the ones who oppress females the most. They side with the evil that's all these normies do. Who do you think catcalls? Ghetto people in NYC.

And these stupid, hypocrit normies want to ban our guns. Ban our guns and see what happens. I gaurantee kids gonna be going around doing mass slashings like the brutal middle ages. Because there's something wrong with America. Cucks side with the evil. Cucks side with toxic schools full of rotten children. Never admitting that America is full of toxic people. Then when one of the victims snaps they blame it on the victim. You want the truth? Watch willy wonka.

Why are there no school shootings in Britain? Not because they banned guns. Yes I know Britain banned guns and banned freedom of speech. But overall its less emasculated than here. Over there in the slums there are pretty much no laws and rules and you can do whatever you want.