Dumb feminiѕt, saying how guys that pay for her stuff aren't entitled to anything and making fun of incels.


Incels.Net Master
She pretty much generalises all incels. It is the same think like generalising muslims. I haven't watched the whole thing, but enough to have an idea what this woman is talking about, and honestly, it is nothing new, nothing mind-blowing, just same old generalising ѕhit. All she does is bullying men lonely as fuck. Are there incels who think too radical and violent? Yes, but not all of them are that way and we gotta understand the source of the problem, like HOW exactly these incels became the way the are now. Cause if all they do is blaming incels for being the way they are, then more and more incels will appear. This will never stop unless they understand the true source of the problem.