Dreams of love


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Anyone who can regularly find refuge from this cruel world in the realm of dreams, I envy you.
In my entire adult life I've only had two good dreams.
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The first was of me and, for lack of a better term, the woman of my dreams. We were lying together in a meadow by the sea. Serenaded by the distant sound of waves crashing into rocks, along with the salty smell of moist sea air. The grass was soft like a mattress made of clouds. None of my fears or worries existed in this world. There was an inescapable sense of warmth and serenity. It may have only been a dream but still the joy was palpable. I really felt it. It was as if all the joy I'd ever feel in a lifetime was flowing through me all at once. My heart felt like it was going to burst trying to take it all. The best part was that she felt the same way. Our energies flowed together as our souls were intertwined. The feeling was love, raw and pure. Neither of us ever spoke a single word. We just lay there enjoying eachothers company. Time stood still. As far as we knew it could've been minutes or hours. I wanted the moment to last forever.
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I was awoken by my mother bitching at me to take out the trash. I had been asleep for only 15 minutes.
This occurred over three goddamn years ago now, and I still remember every detail. I was ripped away from heaven for a menial task that means nothing in the grand scheme of my life or anyone else's.

The reason I'm posting this is because the EXACT same thing happened again today.

After so long, I finally returned to that meadow with my love. This time she and I were gleefully skipping hand in hand. Once again we were enraptured with love. The first dream emphasized the lack of all mental worries and problems, this one emphasized the lack of physical shortcomings. She was thin and athletic, and so was I. I was able to keep pace with her perfectly without becoming short of breath or having to feel my man tits bounce around. There were no obstacles such as holes or rocks for us to avoid. We just skipped on endlessly until we felt like stopping and laying down again. This time though we were going to do more than just lay together.

However, we didn't even get past foreplay before I was yet again torn back into reality. This time by a phone call from my neighbors reminding me to go let their filthy mutts outside, which in their defense I did agree to do, but still the timing couldn't have been worse. Words can't describe how I felt. It was the polar opposite of the first dream in real life. I was uncontrollably filled with every negative feeling I'd ever felt in my life. I didn't know whether to cry or scream. I ended up having a psychotic breakdown, very reminiscent of this scene www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jf8GaDkFm3E

I feel defeated. All good things in life are only given just to be taken away so the memories will haunt you and further your suffering.
Maybe I'll get to see her again in another three years. If I haven't blown my brains out by then.


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Thats so weird. I was litterally about to post a thread about this right now. Can't be coincidence.

Feeling loved (by a girl) is the best feeling in the world. I feel it in my dreams. In my dreams, even cities are beautiful exquisite vacations. But in real life, they are shitty. Why can't humans make life good instead of a shitshow? What a disgrace.