Don't Bother watching that Amazon Incel Movie


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Unless you're a American incel who will find it relatable. The first person featured was a poor Chadlite. There's a pair of attention seeking bullet wasting brocels, a fat truecel with poor jawline and another texas incel. All of them besides the truecel would accend in SEA. They all use normie social media like Twitter and postmaxx at 4chan. The documentary uses animated wojaks to drag and extend the playtime. The climax was one of brocel posting himself with guns while asking for a ticket to the joker movie. The conclusion was selling fake hope where that brocel famemaxx and got a girlfriend. They mentioned blackpill but lookism was never hinted. Title: TFW no GF, 2/10
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Its all propaganda and made for mass consumption for the sheep masses, who get taught what is right and wrong on a daily basis.