Donald Trump will win in the 2020?


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He almost certainly will now that Biden is slated for the nomination.


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ngl...over for if any politician will even care to pay for your escorts at the least...dems and repbs were guests at Jeffrey Epstein Orgy parties...they don't care about why should I ? If Khomeini was running for president I would have been glad...Biden and Trumo and white tall dudes...perfect example personaility does not matter, just be white, tall and rich..Look at DTs wife..


Trump will absolutely win, there's no doubt about it anymore. Bernie might've had a chance against Trump, but he dropped out, so now it's Biden vs. Trump, basically Trump is being handed a second term unopposed.

Imagine this man as president:


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Yes. Joe Biden is mentally slow due to dementia. He can barely string a coherent sentence.

Not only that,but he has a lot of controversies and baggage that DT will obliterate him with.

Democratic establishment elites rigged it all in his favor to stop Bernie at all costs. They'd rather DT than Bernie.