Don’t use online dating apps


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How much more evidence do you need to gather before you realize that the women on dating services are doing something other than looking for a man. What sort of behavior would you expect from women who were using the service to actually find a man? They would have pictures taken specifically to show them in the best possible light (cheap and easy to do in most places). They would write a well thought out, articulate profile, mind their P’s and Q’s, and try to both present themselves and what they want in such a way that they find someone who is a good match. They would, ummmm, actually look at men’s profiles and message men they were interested in. And they would spend a significant amount of time chatting, leaving it open only during times they have specifically put aside for this purpose. They would be polite, and interested in getting to know people to see if they were a good match and if it would be fruitful to meet with them in person.

Now, do women on the dating service do ANY of those things? Absolutely not. They do the opposite…..crappy pic of them and their ex with his head rubbed/cut out (sometimes, obviously drunk), profile looks like it was written by a 3rd grader who barely speaks English, with red flags all over the place, tons of rude, bitter, negative statements, sometimes openly stating they hate men or intend to exploit you, reveal little to nothing about what they are like as a person (sometimes because there is nothing there or something is there that nobody wants), rarely looks at men’s profiles and NEVER responds to them no matter how good looking, alpha-male, rich, great personality, sexy, whatever, the man is, actively rude or time wasting , pretends to bond with you and then, later, pretends has no idea who you are or what you agreed to do together earlier.

What this means, quite simply, is they aren’t looking for a man (so, it’s a waste of time to use this method to find a woman). At best, they are looking to have their egos stroked by saying no to all the men who seem to be interested in them and then will have an anonymous sexual encounter with some random loser, when they have been too long without love, sex or intimacy (ie they binge). At worst, these psychos are looking to actively harm someone, any way they can, as long as it is safe for them.

What’s going on with the online dating thing is women are wasting time and men are messaging hundreds of women, trolling for anonymous encounters with sluts.


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Females on dating apps are either already dating Chad, planning to date Chad or are not actual females at all and still only want Chad. Incels can't win.


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gotta agree with this. the majority (though not all) of women on dating apps are looking for a chad, and, frankly, are more likely to match with a chad than another guy, since the chads have the confidence to slide into the dms.