Does inceldom make you hungry?


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I had two hot dogs today for dinner, and on top of that, a plateful of rice, beans and pork meat with orange juice to wash it all down. And yet I'm confident that I could eat a whole pizza if I ordered one ( which I'm not going to do for health reasons). I've noticed that my appetite has increased substantially as I got older.


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I wish I could eat a lot and not get fat. Unfortunately I do give a fuck about getting fat, so I try not to over indulge but I have days where I just eat anything and everything.


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HATE cooking, love eating... So I eat once a day, but I enjoy my food... ALso im addicted to cold drinks, fruit juices, iced tea, OJ, ice water,, I spend more on drinks then food

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If i had an endless food pantry, then i'd sure eat what i feel like in big amounts. Can't get fat from it anyway, but i don't come from a rich family that spends thousands on food.