does anyone here feel embarssed around family members specifically siblings when they pull a lot of people but you are not able to get one person?


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My cousins, and siblings are way better at this then me. It makes me so sad to have to stay around them knowing they've won the game but I'm still here losing praying for another chance. I don't even know why I show my face sometimes, my parents keep talking to me about "safe sex" and the "proper age and way to date" like I'm ever gonna do any of that stuff. They probably have no clue that I'm just this loser incel who depends on chat forms to talk about my problems because everyone in my friend group sees me as this person who's just not interested in dating. Everyone around me is developing in the dating game, they're way past me. Even my friend who doesn't even talk to girls got a date (no hate to him at all, I love him so much he's like a brother to me and I'm super proud of him) I don't feel like I'm owed a women, or I'm owed good flirting skills, but does it have to be this bad? I guess if there is a god he's paved my way, the dude with a ton of friends and a happy life but still can't pull a single women to save his life. It literally sucks man, sometimes I just sit in my room crying. I wish there was at least one good thing given to me in my life, but eh. Guess I'll just go to college, get my money, live in a nice house, and die single. It doesn't seem all that bad