Does anyone hatcope?


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I'm getting bald fast. You can already see the skull on top of my head. I think I'll be completely bald in 8 years or less. I've recently begun to wear a hat whenever I go out. This hat is cool because it covers my forehead, so people can only see the good parts of my face. I'm using Neymar as an example. I've grown a beard to hide my weak chin. The only thing I have to do now is to lose weight. I have a tendency to store fat in my face and that makes me look bloated. But I'm happy with my hat strategy, It makes me look more normal. A bald head makes you look 10 years older. With a hat on, I look 25 years old.



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I'm a shoe nerd. I run and I like to try different models. Every model is a different feeling. I watch a lot of shoe reviews on YouTube. I like fashion in general, but love shoes. I am looking at a couple pair of basketball shoes too. I probably will get both and return one.

I told my Dad I liked shoes and he said "Your grandmother liked shoes too." I come about it honestly. Mom thinks I spend too much money on shoes. Every time I get some in the mail she always, says "You got another pair of shoes?" It's none of her business though. I pay my bills. I save money too. I don't drive and I haven't taken transit in over a year. I run every I go even if there is a foot of snow on the ground. It's not like I'm not going to wear them.

If anyone wants to talk shoes, you can PM me. I know this is not a shoe group, so I'll just leave it at one post.


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I drink to cope. I do not wear hats at all honestly.