Does any of you have a cuck loser of a father?


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My father is a loser that married w*ore of my my mother. She cheated on him, disrespected him and mentally broke him. He started drinking and lost his job and his career went down. Then she divorced him. He was earning really good money at the time, she literally destroyed everything he could've achieve.

What else? Both of his daughters hate him. They started treating him just like our mother did. However, they were good to him whenever he gave them some money. The situation between them would completely change once he would give them money, and he knew that is the only way he can get at least any sort of "love" from his own daughters. Well, that was the case until he went completely broke.

Now about my sisters, one of them is married and other one is about to be. And yes, both of them have cucks of a men aside them. They literally drink their blood and it honestly makes me feel disturbed when I see how much their relationship is similiar to the one my mother and father had.

As for my mother, I know she is not happy with her life at the moment. She got into relationship with a guy that I think is even abusive towards her (I don't care tho), she fucking cleans and cooks for him and basically she has no other option. And I hate her, she never cook for her own children much before, and now she cooks for someone that will never show her any respect. She deserves it tho. He's also ugly, weird, and doesn't have much money, but has enough to keep his broke bi*ch around.

Then to tell you about my father, I hate him more than ever. Firstly for not being a real father and for letting my mom and sisters treat me like they did to him, and second reason is - he got married to another bitch.

He fixed his life somewhat, started earning good money, and then he married a woman that is literally just like my mother. She was even her close friend at the time and was always laughing my father behind his backs. What happen is, they are both old and wasted now, and they do not want to die alone so they got together or whatever that relationship is. It's simply disgusting. He treats her as a queen, and she is with him as she got no better options. I'd rather die alone than marry that disgusting creature.


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My father is literally weaker than my mother who is a 144cm big asian girl, he budged when our family got threatened by the local mafia (he divorced her over it) while my mother just continued to do business, she also fucking beat his ass one day when I was still a kid, lost all respect for him at that point. I always felt my mother was more manly than my father, he also could've had sex many many times when we were out in discos together (he even could've scored a friggin 21 year old at 59) but never wanted to "use" a girl which makes it worse, being a 4/10 at best it pisses me off when a guy who's charming and genuinely nice lets himself get cucked because he has too high morals.


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not really my biological father was divorced by my mom for being a player type. my mother remarried to my stepdad who actually will enforce pain if you try and best him. he sucks up to my sister too much though, although she's getting older and he doesn't really care like he used to (she's 33/34 I am 36). we get along better now that I've been out of the house for ten years now this year. my mother is the real issue, helicopter mom and didn't raise me right. also got my manletism from her side.


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my mother tried constantly to break my father down mentally, always blaming him for all her problems, which some she fabricated to get attention from her kids and to live up to her role of victim and martyr, all at the evil hands of my father. Such bullshit, she turned everyone against him and anything she accused him of and convinced us all he was doing, looking back on it i realize she was accusing him of these things only to deter anyone from noticing she was in fact doing these things to him. Nobody really has a relationship with her anymore and people unwittingly visit my dad more as he and his household are a place of peace while her's a place of anxiety.


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My dad not even allowed to do pot even though he needs medical marijuana for his physical injuries. Not allowed because my mom wears the pants and dictates her own version of morality. Her version of morality is just brainwashed blue pill religion of the republican state. Republicans say pot=evil so that is what she believes. Even if my dad has to suffer.

Republicans are blue pill. So are democrats. Modern liberals are just brainwashed automatons who vote for the Democratic party no matter what.