Do you want to fuck your Stacy cousins?


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One of my uncles married a beautiful woman with Irish ancestry (she has blue eyes and red hair) and my uncle is Latin. My uncle and his wife ended up having 3 daughters and a son. Out of all my many cousins, these cousins are the ones I'm least closest to. In fact, last time I saw the 4 of them was back in 2004 or something. Well, two of the daughters are now Stacy's. With my uncles Latin features mixed with my aunt's white features, the kids grew up to be beautiful. Their only son is younger than I am and he is already in the marines, 6'2 and muscular like a wrestler. I remember my aunt baby sitting me in like 1999 and at that time she only had one daughter and her son. I was like 4 years old. The two of them were like 1 and 7 months respectively. Now all those cousins mog me completely. The two eldest daughters are like 5'10 with tan skin, dark hair, white facial features, and one of them has blue eyes and the other has dark eyes. They are both athletically built. The eldest girl is dating some 6'3 Chad (he is like the textbook definition of a Chad) and the other daughter is single but probably having casual sex with random chads. The youngest daughter is still a kid, but soon she'll be a Stacy like her sisters. The son is dating a Stacy of his own.

Since I have no real connection or relationship with any of those cousins, I feel a bit sexually attracted to the two eldest daughters and even my aunt a little too.

Do you guys have any stacies in your family?


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tremor said:
No. I never really thought about it, idk how people come up with this.
Ahahahahah, why not ! If your aunt and her daughters are hot every person in this situation can think about fucking them , I would too