Do you think most of those MGTOW and "red pill" guys are secretly incel?


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When I first came to college and realized that most women stopped giving a fuck about me (besides obese whales, faggots and my fat sister who keeps being a creep) I considered myself a MGTOW and used their forums and identified as one. Then as time went on, I began to hit on more females thinking that the reason why I can't get laid was because I am not talking to enough people.

Now I came to the conclusion that I am MGTOW.Do you think most of those MGTOW and "red pill" guys are secretly incel?


EteRnal Evil.
Most men are incels in terms of romantically and sexually attracting a female partner, because they only want Chad.

However, actual incels are still a minority, because most men can compensate for their subhuman features with money and/or status. For an incel nothing works.

A norman can go MGTOW because of fall of T from generation to generation, female invasion of workplaces, metoo bullshit, feminist propaganda and soy, but it makes him a volcel, not incel. Better volcel than cuck, of course.

Chad can really go MGTOW and pump and dump. Basically going MGTOW as a Chad is openly declaring you're never marrying any of the roasties you fuck. It doesn't really affect his life anyhow tbh. Chad always wins.