Do you have a crush on anyone right now?

TheRiddler Super Villian
I walk through a place and wouldnt reject anyone.... its just im not good looking enough to begin a relationship. 15 years of hard empirical evidence.

I am worthy of relationships..if women are dating serial worthy...infact im sure many incels are worthy..women just say you're not entitled because they want to shun ugly men while keeping social value. Looking at a lot of womens dating histories, i dont think they know what a decent guy is anymore.


The Incel of Incels
The last crush I had on someone where I wasn't able to talk to them was a Zumba instructor I had a couple of years ago. I think I said hello to her on a couple of occasions, but never conversation. I was in her class for 3 months. She was a great dancer.

Otherwise, most crushes I can small talk to, but can't get any further.