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What kind of name do you have?

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My real name is a truecel name, no I'm not sharing it, however since i don't remember people where calling me Che or Jefara (Arabic name for Guevara) since i had long hair that looks exactly like him, however I wish I had the face of Guevara instead of his Hair tbh.


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Idk if my name is a Chad name or not. Probably not. It’s a foreign name. I’d consider it as a normie name. fuсking hell. I’m getting paranoid even stating that I have a foreign name. That’s all I’m gonna say though.
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My real name is matheus.
I think it is a ѕhit Chad name.
My Mather game me this name because it was the name of a German soccer played she liked, however I hate soccer.
According with my mom, If I had a brother his name would be Matias, if I were a girl my name would be Maytê

this is the guy ,Lothar Matthäus, I was literary named after a chad