Do you have a chad name?

What kind of name do you have?

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Incels.Net Master
My real name is matheus.
I think it is a ѕhit Chad name.
My Mather game me this name because it was the name of a German soccer played she liked, however I hate soccer.
According with my mom, If I had a brother his name would be Matias, if I were a girl my name would be Maytê

Saint Mentalcel

I'm feeling eager to try some Shotgun Mouthwash...
My mother gave me an italian like name and i wish it wasn't spelled the way it is.


Incels.Net Master
My name is is chad I guess. but not me..proves nothing can compensate chad genes. a chad can have a name " dick sucker"..but I bet rapesacks suck his dick all the time..


Your TRUE Emperor! Kneel!
Hehe, this is my SONG, EVEN though women dont give a ѕhit that IM JOHNNY!!! Still LOVE the song though, a classic!!


Lost in my own body
Neutral however almost no one knows me by it.They just call me by my last name, which I think is annoying.I don't really "look" like my name, if you know what I mean.