Do you guys fantasize your whole life with a foid


Kaczor said:
I fantasize over school/college crushes that i had ranging from 1-4 years ago

Even though i barley spoke to them at all
The other day I was fantasizing about a girl I saw once at a museum about 8 years ago.
I am both amazed and disturbed by how well my mind catalogues the attractive women I encounter in life.
Bro the less interactions u have with foids the more your mind clings to what little women were actually in your life regardless if you were friends for a bit or only saw her and never spoke a word to her. Just look at me im still infatuated with a crush i had in elementary school


All of the above photos of women are way outta my league. They would fit in nicely in my Fritzl dungeon fantasy.
In the pic of my foid i fantasize about embracing her in those ballet tights and just continueing to make passionate love together. Its really fuсking depressing


Do I fantasize? Dude, I go down the street and walk by a foid with a lovely perfume and that's enough for me to visualize every day together 'till the end of my life.
Though, as @Chad Only said, I soon hit the wall in those fantasies cuz the reminder that I have nothing to offer to any foid hits me like a truck.
Bro fuckin brutal


Inspired By Andrew Kehoe
Mermatlover said:
I am doing it so much! I see her nearly every night in my dreams and nightmares. Sometimes I am in a caravan with her, sometimes we are in forest near to campfire, sometimes traveling in little green car etc. Sad part is, I finished school and I will probably never see her again.
Thanks to god there is a lot of wh*res to masturbate.
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Id breed her
Who wouldn't lol