Do you get attention from ugly women?

Augustan Isidor

19 Year Old Youngcel
I did and she was almost twice my age.

She literally just walked up to me asked me on a date. I declined, I look older than I look, she probably thought I was at least in my mid 20s. NGL though, when she asked that, I had the hardest boner in my life. I was just glad I had a sweater at the time to cover it up and I went to sit down until my boner subsided.


5'4 subhuman
i used to, now only time i get attention is dirty looks or insults, occasionally a girl will feel bad for me and want to be friends then shell just treat me like a child very emasculating, they know what they be doing.


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On tinder I got from 2 or three that looked like creatures from witcher 3. No thanks, I have a sensitive stomach anyway. I am looking for my looks match, my downsides are my short height and average face, that is it.


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Oh, actually, I got attention from a friend's ex gf, but she was very fat and so, we just remained friends for a while. After she got a bf, she started to ignore me. Guess she needed emotional support till she got a bf.


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Don't really get attention from females nor do I try to get attention. Having said that, there aren't that many ugly looking chicks in my area, group and social circle. Lot of them are average, or even above average as per my countries standards.


Already dead
nah unless you count trans as an absolute 1 they did try and match with me on a dating site before


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Not really. Ugly women get pumped by a chad once due to his desperation and they get cocky, start using men who are more attractive than them. The one who did give me attention cheated on me, used me, etc, and I was significantly more attractive than her (somehow). Women in general are narcissistic and think they can do no wrong.