Do you feel frustrated that women are the privilege gender? {Excluding dating. Social Norms in general}

Do you feel frustrated that women are the privilege gender?

  • No. Women are victims. Blame Toxic Masculinity.

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Here in my country, women are treated better by society. We all know that in this forum but culture is still different.

Here are some of my experiences against the privilege gender:
-Subway/Trains/Metros...In here, women have a separated wagons/carts. What does this mean? It means, that only women are allowed inside these carts when the train comes by. They put the exclusive female carts at the front and at the back. Around two carts for each end...The men are located on the center and have only five carts against only women who have four. Women are allowed in the male section. Feminists in this Asian region have defended this system that men are perverts. It is so women can feel safe and prevent being violated during rush hour. Talk about discrimination right there. I accidentally enter the female cart wagon one time and every girl was staring at me before a guard came in and touched me in the shoulder then ask me to transfer. I felt embarrassed and horrible at that moment..Months after, there was this woman who dragged a guy outside the subway, accusing him of groping. It went viral. Of course, the wrong is at the guy and there are too many soys in the subway for anyone to defend him. But the point is, there are about equal wagons for men and women. Why are women allowed in the male section?

-SUV/Van commuting vehicle...This just happened recently. I was turned down when I want to seat at the front, beside the driver. Turns out, they only allow women in that area. I had to walk back while they let the girl behind me pass so she can ride at the front even though I was first on line for her.

-Comfort Rooms/Bathrooms...During conferences and big events held in buildings, women are allowed to enter male's toilet because their queues are long. Many times, I've overheard our entitled women call the female janitors so they can guard the ` four walled cubicles.` in the men's. This is despite the toilet for males which are attached in the wall is just adjacent to the mirror. Meaning, anyone who walk in will just have a peek through the mirror. It feels wrong to me but I just let it through. No men ever complained because no one wanted to be called a pussy or a softy. And most likely, you are going against male soys.

-Maternity Leave Pay..In my job hunting, I am yet to encounter a job advertisement that advertise Paternity Leave Pay. I never read one. So in my mind, only women are allowed to take such a leave and get a pay for it. Women also receive six months worth of salary---without having to work for it. <Provided you are a regular employee>

And Feminists are already here in my country and growing their numbers because of Western influences. So you can bet, women here are only going to get worse and entitled as the years pass by. For the men? It's tragedy.


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Yes they are definitely the privileged gender as a whole in today's society. Want proof? Go to youtube, instagram, etc. They post their little ass and bam they get million views and subscribers. They do stupid post like "I'm wearing this today or I'm wearing that today" and get paid for it. Nothing remotely skillful or talent on that. If I try to post crap like that on youtube, instagram, which I have in the past, I get single digit views.

Me I have to bust my ass in a dead end job just to have food and water on the table.

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Damn - what cucked country do you hail from?

In the UK - Women get cheap options for accomodation as they're not open to men. Basically, foids are also exploiting the system by having loads of babies and then saying they dont have money to live = free council house.

Hard workers with stagnant wage and low pay jobs are seeing no incentives.