Do you consider your life a failure?


For me, Giga yes

every life experience has taught me that I'm just going to fail miserably.

At this point, still trying just makes me delusional.

Sure i still keep my head above water and try to live, however, I'm not the young dumb Che that thought "Hard life will make you stronger, just keep going at life and you'll win!"

If I'm a genetic failure + social failure + sports failure

Then how you want me to still simply "go at life" to make me stronger?

All those failures has just made me weaker.

What about you boyos?

Are you just a failure in the dating market or just everything?


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We are failures but its not our fault, its the fault of soyciety.
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Pretty much, yes. I haven't gotten anything done in my life. Never got a good career, never did anything productive or meaningful, obviously never got my dick wet. A failed life by definition.


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No, maybe it could have been better, but not a failure. Even if all my life plans fail and I end up rotting in an Athos monastery, I would not consider it as a failure, but as an ascension.


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Ihateexistence said:
I have the same learning disability as this guy
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I don't believe my life is a "failure", I believe that everyone else is the failure here due to how retаrded they are and I'm some kind of chosen one for some reason. I also manage to get my point across without having to type Tl;dr essays, that's gotta be some thing to atleast admire. Still, some of you do mog me by your drawing and writing skills. I basically lost all interest in doing ѕhit in life but play Vidya, fap and basically think on how my future fate is going to be.