Do not trust foids


Anti Social Borderlinecel
Hello brothers im here to tell u that i was made fun of normies but this time in a very painful manner (very brutal) So i was made fun of a normie in a server he just kept chatting shit about me (basically he a owner of it) he just kept making fun of me for being autistic virgin etc then there was this woman who i dmed and she seeemed nice at first she seemed to understand i thought she was kinda understanding me and thats when i was wrong i was destroyed by this slut because i was talking about my personal issues she started screenshotting to this guy who insulted me the things i said and made fun of me with him in his dms.

She sent those things on purpose so he can make fun of me and she made fun of me as well i kind of was a dumbass cuz i thought she was a different foid who can understand a incel but i was fucking wrong and im a dumbass for falling for it this fucking manipulation scheme but shit happens here the video i was fucking dumb, guy keeps calling me autistic on dms.

It scares me how they can act and manipulate, acting all smart and intelligent it is really fucked up guys. From now on i never talk to foids or trust them Vcel please make me blackpilled rn. Do not trust fucking foids
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You shouldn't have trusted her in the first place. Just always use the very simple rule: DON'T. TRUST. WOMEN. What's the difficult part about it?


Anti Social Borderlinecel
Now his telling his whole discord server to dm me and insult me this guy is mentally ill fr