Do men have as much leeway to be rude at work as women do?


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I have experienced several times women stone-facing me without reason when I say hello. Male employees, on occasion, have treated me the same way. I'm a nobody at work and I don't complain, but I wonder if women were treated this way by male coworkers if this would be grounds for harassment or discrimination. If a women were constantly ignored when they tried to interact with a male employee, could she go to HR about it?

I've only ever known of one incident of a woman being reprimanded for being rude. She got fired for being rude to immigrants. They said she was racist. But she was really just rude to everyone.
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Yeah, poor communication is usually looked down upon at work, just depends on the environment. If a male tried it could start rumors about him at the very least. It's kind of funny how men are becoming more like women but still have to room to complain. I've tried something to that effect out of pure spite at my first job and I was pretty much ignored. Every experience I had, the workload was always unbalanced, and there was always that fear of being "discovered" as a "creep" so they can all cackle about you.