Do friends make fun of you for being an incel?


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-I once told one of my old friends in H.S that I used to get girls when I was younger. He doubted me.

-Some Chinese guy(from China) who never even has sex himself and is an incel in denial kept making fun of me for being a 24-year-old virgin. I threatened to beat him up and he never talked to me again.

-My older brother made fun of me for being a virgin too. He is dating some obese lady (he is obese himself) so it annoys me when he says that crap. I could also date some obese bitch (as I am fit and not overweight) but would rather not.

I think people make fun of others for not getting girls because they don't see it as being mean or very personal. For example, making fun of someone's income, race, religion or intelligence is a personal insult. Making fun of someone for not getting laid is not.

Do friends make fun of you for being an incel? Thoughts?


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Most of my friends are indifferent to my inceldom, though thet are so disinterested and respect me as they stopped telling me blue pilled stupidity.
My best friend is another thing: He spats blue pilled stupidity about girls whenever he can.
He used to hang out alot, but he always tried to be some kind of wing man. One day he left me alone as he hooked up he just met that day (a girl who, according to him, was interested on me...). We haven't hang out in person since that day as I'm still pissed because of that.
Still, he always tries to get me girls. He sends me their numbers, their snapchats, instagram, etc.
Of course, being the bored incel I am, I can't any of them.