Do black women want to date black men

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I think many black women(in the west probably) see many black men as unattractive people, so they don't date them, these guys date women from other races, then black women claim that black men don't want to date them because they are black, there are many twitter posts of non white women saying that they want a white guy to colonize their pussy pic unrelated btw



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I rarely see interracial couples when the woman is black, just from my experience being out and about. I used to live in a city with around 13% black population. I've heard more of the sentiment that black guys dont like black women because they can be crazy though. I did kind of date a whitewashed rich ugly black girl once, date was OVER when she told me she sucked a coworker's dick a week prior, thank god we never kissed lol.


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Black woman have a preference for their own race and they also get pressured to date/marry within their race by their community. There is just a lack of options within their race for black women because black women significantly outperform black men. They are less likely to be incarcerated; more likely to finish high school; more likely to go to College and get a degree and more likely to get a good paying job. There are YouTube channels like Beyond Black and White that are promoting and even guiding Black women to pursue men outside of their race. When black woman pursue men outside of the black community they typically pursue higher-value men. Some can compete with non-black women for these men; most can't. Personally, I feel like many of them are being misguided and will probably end up alone unless they are willing to settle for Beta males. But that is all women.
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