Do any of u guys cope with alcohol?


Ever since ive joined the army its become a big cope for me. It's wonderful really.
How alcohol slowly spirals me into joyous stupidity where i can forget about my crippling depression and loneliness and just act a fool while playing video games or watching a movie. Of course 9 times out've 10 i drink by myself while the rest of the barracks parties and competes for who gets to fuck the limited amount of female soldiers. My go to is rum and coke


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I cope with weed and when my roommate is 21 I’ll have a consistent alcohol source and will cope with that too


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I don't really like drinking as a cope, but I do cope with alcohol. Its benefits are very temporarily for me.
I usually drink with my Mom on Friday night dinner or with one of my friends occasionally. Maybe once or twice a month.
Usually I drink beer, but my favorite alcohol is Calvados. I also like moonshine, rum and tequila.


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No, alcohol gets me all excited, but then I have nowhere to go/ no one to fuck... so it just makes the feelings worse as I need a release. Normally that'll have to be porn, junk food, or both. In the morning I feel like I might as well have done something productive I actually enjoy and don't regret wasting time on.