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So what are your plans with it exactly? I read it was 17,000 and you are buying more, How the fuck do you afford that lol.
Hey, hey. You asking a lot of questions chief lol. But basically i let non-chads with no experience with femoids get their feet wet with them. Incels dont wanna be incels forever. My # is on my profile if you want more info.


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Hmm. That's interesting.

I personally wouldn't do that but I'm sure a lot of incels would appreciate that. I heard the higher end sex dolls breast feel very similar to a real woman's breasts. Have you touched a woman's breasts? Do they really feel similar?

That's nice of you to offer such a service though, I read a few months ago some places were considering sex doll brothels! Imagine that...A female being replaced at the only thing she's good at with a literal piece of a rubber, Soon women will have to get actual jobs.


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Death probably doesnt exist since consciousness cannot be conscious of nothing.
Idk if that's lifefuel (literal) or suifuel, but I don't like the idea.

Of course, formally being a Christian, I'm supposed to expect eternal torment after death, but it's not the best thing to look forward to.


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Last night I had worries about hell and such, I dont think a loving god would send anyone to hell although this world is evidence that god is either not loving or is just weak and defeated by illuminati.